about HeteroDB

  • Corporate Name: HeteroDB,Inc
  • Location: 5-13-15-403, Kita-Shinagawa, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, Japan
  • Date of establishment: 4th-July-2017
  • Legal capital: 9.99M JPY
  • CEO: KaiGai Kohei
  • Business Area:
    • Sales and support of big-data processing software
    • Consulting service at database, GPU and Linux technology
    • Development of database and open source software
  • Contact
    • contact@heterodbcom
    • +81-3-6409-6445

CEO Profile

KaiGai Kohei Profile

KaiGai Kohei

He has more than 10 years experiences for open source software development like PostgreSQL, Linux kernel and so on. He is also known as a major contributor in the PostgreSQL community due to enhancement of security feature and development of FDW/CSP.

He released the first version of PG-Strom in 2012, then has focused on database acceleration technology using GPU/SSD. In 2017, he established HeteroDB,Inc for productization of this technology.

2007, Genius programmer/super creator award by IPA. 2014, OSS contributor's award by Japan OSS Promotion Forum.

Bachelor of computer science, University of Tsukuba. Master of business administration, University of Tsukuba.

As a member of open source community

Contributions for PostgreSQL development

  • Allow custom and foreign scans to have shutdown callbacks. (v10)
  • Introduce extensible node types (v10)
  • Allow parallel custom and foreign scans. (v9.6)
  • Allow foreign data wrappers and custom scans to implement join pushdown (v9.5)
  • Allow custom path and scan methods (v9.5)
  • Allow foreign data wrappers to support writes (inserts/updates/deletes) on foreign tables (v9.3)

Talks at community conferences

  • PGconf.ASIA 2019 (Bali, Indonesia)
  • Deep Learning Community#10 (Tokyo, Japan; 2019-05-16) [slides]
  • PGconf.ASIA 2018 (Tokyo, Japan; 2018-12-11) [slides]
  • PGconf.EU 2018 (Lisbon, Portugal; 2018-10-26) [slides]
  • DB Tech Showcase 2018 (Tokyo, Japan; 2018-09-20) [slides]
  • GPU Technology Conference Japan 2018 (Tokyo, Japan; 2018-09-14) [slides]
  • GPU Technology Conference Japan 2017 (Tokyo, Japan; 2017-12-12) [slides]
    • We won a prize of NVIDIA Inception Award [Nikkei]
  • DB Tech Showcase 2017 (Tokyo, Japan; 2017-09-06) [slides]
  • Open Source Summit Tokyo 2017 (Tokyo, Japan; 2017-05-31) [slides]
  • GPU Technology Conference 2017 (San Jose, CA) [poster]
    • Our poster was chosen as top-5; took a second place by voting
  • PGconf.ASIA 2016 (Tokyo, Japan) [slides]
  • PGconf.SV 2016 (San Francisco, CA) [slides]
  • PostgreSQL Conference Japan 2015 (Tokyo, Japan; 2015-11-27)
  • PGconf.EU 2015 (Wien, Austria; 2015-10-30)
  • PGcon 2015 (Ottawa, Canada; 2015-06-20)
  • SFPUG Meetup (San Francisco; 2015-03-18)
  • DB Tech Showcase 2014 (Tokyo, Japan; 2014-11-13)
  • PGconf.EU 2012 (2012-10-26)