Junior Software Enginner (Part Time)

Job Description

  • Development of the regression test for GPU version of PostGIS functions
    • You shall develop a new regression test to confirm the GPU version of PostGIS functions, which are new features of PG-Strom, return identical results with the standard PostGIS functions.
  • Enhancement of existing regression test of PG-Strom
    • You shall add test scenarios to the existing regression test for integers, floating-points, date-times, strings, and others, to detect problems on corner-cases.

What We're Looking For

  • Familiar with general operations on Linux operating system.
  • Familiar with SQL operations on PostgreSQL database system.
  • Experience to PostGIS, available to create test data set by yourself.
  • (optional) strong verbal communication skil in Japanese
  • Locates on the prefecture below, and have local bank account for the payroll destination.
    • Tokyo, Saitame, Chiba, Kanagawa, Ibaraki, Tochigi, Gunma, Yamanashi

How to apply

  • Send your resume to contact@heterodbcom.
  • In addition to your background, skills and professionals, please write down the following items, if any.
    • SNS account (github, twitter, facebook, ...)
    • Contributions to major open source projects (Linux kernel, PostgreSQL, ...)
    • Graduation of IPA Mitoh Project, or security camp.
  • Next to the documentary screening, we will have an oral interview on web conference system.
  • Please don't apply if you or your family are a member of antisocial organization.

Salary and terms

  • Salary: 2,000JPY/hour (payment at month-end)
  • Working time: 40 Hours/month
  • Location: full remote
  • Contract period: begins at earlier half of May-2020
  • Misc terms:
    • HeteroDB provide a server environment for development, however, use your own client-PC and network environment.